• Barrel Tips, SET Barrel Tips, SET

    Barrel Tips, SET

    A new twist on PDR Blending tips, The Barrel Tip. Made from grade 2 titanium. The tips are .5 inch in diameter with 5/16-18 thread. One has a medium aggressive radius. the other is nearly flat.  Will work with any of our threaded hammer heads. 
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  • Auto Lak Test Pen Auto Lak Test Pen

    Auto Lak Test Pen

    Perfect for checking if car has been in an accident, or if it still has its original paint. Great tool when writing estimates for PDR or Hail repairs. The color measurement scale makes it easy to determind the paint thickness or the presents of body...
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  • OCTO-TIP Holder OCTO-TIP Holder

    OCTO-TIP Holder

    Super cool and functional. The OCTO-TIP Holder holds 8 tips in a compact package. Beautifully machined from 6061 aluminum.  The tip holder bore are our exculsive bore lock design used on our hammers and hail rods to keep yout tipd secure and tight...
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  • Ultimate Hanger Ultimate Hanger

    Ultimate Hanger

    This a Great Hanger!  Outside the box thinking and designed for serious hail tech. Its so versatile and usefull on any type of  car, truck, van or SUV. No more crawling around inside the car and finding holes for a hook. Simply open the door,...
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  • Bump Stick Bump Stick

    Bump Stick

    Introducing the Bump Stick. A new style knock down made from Nylatron GS, with soft tips on both ends for crowns work or widening dents. You can use one of the soft tips for a striking surface or remove it and use it without. 
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  • Scepter KD Scepter KD

    Scepter KD

    Another tool form our Scepter line, a pinpoint sharp Knockdown tool made from Nylatron GS. Its has reliefs machined into the body that  allows for finger grips, rest. The Scepter KD has a threaded bore in the striking end that allows you to choose...
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  • Ridgeback Belly Buster Swivel tip Ridgeback Belly Buster Swivel tip

    Ridgeback Belly Buster Swivel tip

    The ridgeBack Belly Buster Swivel Tip makes short work of deep bellied dents. The 1 inch wide Stainless Steel tip with "spikes", swivels on a 18-1 stainless steel pivot ball. This helps keep your tip on the dent and shrinks it up to make fast work of...
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  • 1 Inch Ball Tip 1 Inch Ball Tip

    1 Inch Ball Tip

    1 Inch Diameter solid 303 Stainless Steet Ball Tip.  Turned, Drilled, Tapped , 5/16-18 threaded stud and polished. Use for blending or use on a rod with telsa tape for pushing huge hail. Works perfectly on all MetaL Medic Hammers and Hail rods.
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  • Copy of RE-Grip, Medium Copy of RE-Grip, Medium

    Copy of RE-Grip, Medium

    RE-GRIP is a revolutionary new way to add comfort, durability and safety to almost anything with a handle. RE-GRIP provides a method of improving a handle grip by adding mechanical and environmental protection when installed on a variety of cylindrical...
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