Rod Hangers

  • Ultimate Hanger Ultimate Hanger

    Ultimate Hanger

    This a Great Hanger!  Outside the box thinking and designed for serious hail tech. Its so versatile and usefull on any type of  car, truck, van or SUV. No more crawling around inside the car and finding holes for a hook. Simply open the door,...
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  • Handi-Hanger Handi-Hanger


      The HANDI-HANGER Hatch hanger bar is the ulitmate hatch hanger bar. Made from 1.5 inch square by 24 inch long 6061   stuctural aluminum bar. The bar has a thick rubber pad that has a slight radius to it to give your rod a none slip, wide...
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  • Do-All Door/Hatch Hanger Do-All Door/Hatch Hanger

    Do-All Door/Hatch Hanger

      The Do-All Door/hatch Hanger is the most versatile hanger on the market. Use the hatch hanger inserts when needed as a hatch hanger. 2 tools in one for same price as one! It has a beautiful carbon fiber hanger that supports a 30mm square...
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