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PDR Glue

  • Brazilian Gold PDR Glue

    Brazilian Gold PDR Glue

    Directly imported from brazil!  This glue is fantastic. It works great in temps from 43 - 102 degree enviroments with superior results. This silicon based glue has an exclusive quick dry agent that make Brazilain Gold PDR Glue a hail repairer's...

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  • MEGA Power Green PDR Glue

    MEGA Power Green PDR Glue

    Directly Imported from Brazil. THis MEGA POWER Green PDR Glue is at The top of the PDR Glue chain. Made with revolutionary silicon polymers.. Recommended conditions are 42-102 degrees. The pulling power is amazing! The Mega Green has a little longer set...

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  • Euro-Spec Black PDR Glue

    Euro-Spec Black PDR Glue

    Euro-Spec Glue is a special blended glue that works great in cool to warm environments. Euro-spec glue never gets hard or flaky. Mini lifer or slide hammer, makes no difference. Use to snap hail dents on a rail or smash work with a bridge puller or heavy...

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  • CNC 9mm Glue Tabs

    CNC 9mm Glue Tabs

    The CNC 9mm Glue Tabs are just that. They are machined out of solid polycarbonate rod.. The is a superior manufacturing method, while more expensive than injection molding, a stronger more reliable tab is possible. The CNC 9mm tabs are a center pull tab...

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