Knock Downs

  • Bump Stick Bump Stick

    Bump Stick

    Introducing the Bump Stick. A new style knock down made from Nylatron GS, with soft tips on both ends for crowns work or widening dents. You can use one of the soft tips for a striking surface or remove it and use it without. 
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  • Scepter Knock down Kit Scepter Knock down Kit

    Scepter Knock down Kit

    The Scepter Knock Down kit is the most complete and versitale kit on the market and modestly priced. Kit comes with knock down tool that is threaded on each so the user can find the most comfortable postion to use the machined in finger grooves. The kit...
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  • Scepter KD Scepter KD

    Scepter KD

    Another tool form our Scepter line, a pinpoint sharp Knockdown tool made from Nylatron GS. Its has reliefs machined into the body that  allows for finger grips, rest. The Scepter KD has a threaded bore in the striking end that allows you to choose...
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  • Pimple Stick Pimple Stick

    Pimple Stick

    The Pimple Stick. When i started making Knock downs in 1989, I called them pimple sticks. This pimple stick is 3 inches long without the tip. It does, however come with a Dentcraft BP-3 tip!  The Pimple Stick is made from Carbon fiber tube with a...
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  • Scepter Knockdown Paddle Scepter Knockdown Paddle

    Scepter Knockdown Paddle

    The SCEPTER PADDLE is a new concept in PDR paddles. The handle is made from 1.25 inch 6061 billet that has been nickel plated for durability and good looks, the nickel also keeps your from handling bare aluminium that can get your hands messy. The shaft...
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  • “Hog Leg” Knock Down Holder w/ Tip “Hog Leg” Knock Down Holder w/ Tip

    “Hog Leg” Knock Down Holder w/ Tip

      The “Hog Leg” Premium carbon fiber knock down tip holder. The Hog Leg is a thick, meaty knock down. It is made from the same high quality, 1 inch diameter 3K weave the Battle axe uses. It is approximately 5 inches long from the wide ,...
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