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  • Belly Buster Swivel Tip

    Belly Buster Swivel Tip

    The Belly Buster Swivel Tip makes short work of deep bellied dents. The 1 inch wide Derlin tip swivels on a 18-1 stainless steel pivot ball. The pivot ball is much larger than most swivel tips that allows the pushing force to be evenly applied. tip...

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  • Pimple Stick

    Pimple Stick

    The Pimple Stick. When i started making Knock downs in 1989, I called them pimple sticks. This pimple stick is 4 inches long without the tip. It does, however come with a Dentcraft BP-3 tip!  The Pimple Stick is made from Carbon fiber tube with a...

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  • Sabot Stainless Steel Tip

    Sabot Stainless Steel Tip

    The Sabot tip is made from medical grade 316 Stainless Steel. It has been grounded to a near needle sharp point and then electro-polished. Sabot tip is 3 inches long. It is designed especially for the Battle Axe OG, with Metal Medic exclusive tapper bore...

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