Best PDR Tools for Crease Dents: Fix Creases Like a Pro

Best PDR Tools for Crease Dents: Fix Creases Like a Pro

Jul 1st 2024

Crease dents on your vehicle can be a frustrating sight, but with the right PDR tools for crease dents, you can easily repair these unsightly dents and restore your vehicle to its former glory. In this article, we will explore the factors that lead to crease dents, how to identify them, and the best PDR tools available for crease dents.

Factors that Lead to Crease Dents in Vehicles

Crease dents refer to a type of dent that features a sharp, well-defined line or fold, typically caused by the metal panel's flexing during an impact. Crease dents in vehicles usually occur due to various external factors, such as the following:

Hail Damage

Hailstorms can cause severe crease dents due to the large number of hailstones striking the vehicle's surface with varying degrees of force. As the metal panel flexes from the impact, it causes the surface to ripple. This results in crease dents.

In the case of hail damage, the dents may be small and spread out over a large area, making them difficult to spot at first glance. However, if you notice circular dents with a sharp edge and are surrounded by mini-dents or dimples, chances are that your vehicle has hail damage.

Parking Lot Collisions

Minor accidents or collisions in parking lots can lead to crease dents when a vehicle's body panel impacts another car or object at an angle. This causes the metal to buckle and fold along the impact line.

For parking lot collisions or minor accidents, crease dents may be more apparent, appearing as a long, deep, and narrow line along the body panel, sometimes with paint damage as well. The impact site may also have a depression in the general area surrounding the crease dent.

Manufacturing Defects or Rust Damage

Crease dents can also occur due to manufacturing defects or rust damage that weakens the metal's structural integrity. Look out for any creased, rippled, or deformed areas of the panel, especially if they appear warped or distorted in shape.

How PDR Tools Can Repair Crease Dents in Vehicles

Paintless dent repair, more commonly known as PDR, is a highly effective technique for repairing crease dents. This method involves manipulating the metal from behind the panel without the need for painting or body filler. It is not only environmentally friendly but also ensures a faster and more cost-effective repair process.

PDR tools are specially designed to apply precise pressure and manipulate the metal. These tools gradually restore it to its original shape. These tools enable technicians to massage the metal without damaging the paint surface by working from behind the crease.

The Best PDR Tools for Crease Dents

PDR tools can be highly effective when repairing crease dents. Metal Medic offers a range of top-quality PDR tools that are specifically designed to tackle crease dents with accuracy and efficiency. Here are some of the best PDR tools for crease dents:

Hail Rods

Hail rods are perfect for accessing and repairing crease dents caused by hailstorms. These rods come in various lengths and diameters, allowing you to reach behind the panel and apply precisely targeted pressure to massage out the dents.

The Battle Axe 48-inch Hail Rod from Metal Medic is one of the highly recommended PDR tools for crease dents specifically designed for addressing crease dents. Its carbon fiber rod provides exceptional strength while remaining lightweight, allowing for precise and comfortable use. The rod's solid billet aluminum attachments, machined in-house, ensure durability and reliability during dent repair.

The Battle Axe Hail Rod also comes with various tip attachments that cater specifically to crease dents. The angled ball tips and right-angle tips keep the tool closer to the ideal angle for working on the vehicle's panels, resulting in more effective repairs. The rod's compatibility with different thread sizes also adds versatility to accommodate various dent repair scenarios.

Hook Tools and PDR Rods

Hook tools and PDR rods are PDR tools for crease dents that can access crease dents from the inside of the panel. With their multiple sizes and shapes, you can effectively push out the dents. This gradually restores the metal to its original form.

The Extended Hammer - Shorty Rod represents a versatile and cost-effective solution for PDR professionals dealing with crease dents. This tool serves a dual purpose, functioning both as an extended hammer and as a shorty rod.

With its 1-inch diameter carbon fiber shaft and a total length of 30 inches, it provides you with a longer hammer for use on extended roofs and other areas where a longer reach is required. When not being used as a hammer, it can seamlessly transition into a shorty rod, making it a practical and multifunctional tool for dent repair.

The Extended Hammer - Shorty Rod is equipped with a counterbalance handle featuring divots, which act as visual and tactical references for the tip being used, enhancing precision and control during dent repair. The inclusion of a 6-inch X-grip wrap further contributes to the tool's comfort and ease of use. Its compatibility with a 2-inch extension and various knockdown/pushing tips enhances its versatility and effectiveness in addressing crease dents.

Metal Medic PDR Glues

Metal Medic offers specially formulated PDR glues, such as the SUPERHERO Blue GPDR Glue and the METAL MEDIC Power Green Body Bag (2.2Ibs). These PDR tools for crease dents provide excellent bonding to automotive finishes and bare metal, allowing you to effectively pull out crease dents using lifters or other pulling techniques.

The Ebony Ice Cold Weather PDR Glue stands out as an excellent PDR tool for addressing crease dents due to its unique features and benefits. This specialized glue is designed specifically for cold weather conditions, offering exceptional pulling power even in low temperatures.

It is formulated with a combination of silicone polymer and an old-school casein formula, creating a virtual release agent-free adhesive that ensures a strong bond without residue buildup. With a working temperature range of 48 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ebony Ice Glue remains pliable and reliable. This prevents brittleness or crystallization on cold panels.

Use PDR Tools for Your Vehicle's Crease Dents

Repairing crease dents in your vehicle doesn't have to be a hassle. When you utilize the best PDR tools for crease dents, such as those from Metal Medic, you can easily restore your vehicle's body to its factory-like condition, without compromising the original paint finish. Metal Medic's high-quality tools, 100% North American-made, ensure reliability and deliver impressive results every time.

Don't let crease dents ruin your vehicle's appearance. Take advantage of the exceptional PDR tools and accessories offered by Metal Medic to achieve professional-grade dent repair. Shop PDR tools for crease dents today!

PDR, or paintless dent repair, is an environmentally-friendly, fast, minimally-intrusive vehicle dent repair process. The PDR procedure restores a vehicle’s body to a factory-like condition in a fraction of the time and most time costs less than traditional dent repair methods.

Technicians across the county safely restore vehicles back to pre-incident  without compromising the original painted finish. The best technicians invest in a high-quality PDR kit, an assortment of tools that are crucial to the success of any finish master.


Metal Medic PDR Tools—Made to Make You Better
Metal Medic Tools provides various tools, including Hail Rods, Hammers, Tips, Hero PDR Glue, and other PDR  glues. Our tools and accessories are designed to help dent technicians complete their job quickly and efficiently, with the best possible results.


PDR Hand Tools
Short-tipped PDR tools allow technicians to get close to dents and work out defects by hand. Metal Medic Tools produces short-tipped selections with sharp and blunt tips to provide technicians with one of the best PDR “tools in their toolbox.” Metal Medic tools are 100% North American-made, ensuring quality and reliability every time they are used.


Hook Tools and PDR Rods
Hook tools and PDR rods allow technicians to access dents from inside and push them out. This technique is a traditional PDR method, working best when a technician has access to the dent. Metal Medic PDR Tools produce these utensils in multiple sizes, allowing experts to reach more dents.


Metal Medic PDR Glues
Specially formulated for the collision industry, Metal Medic Hero Glue GPDR and Mega Power Green PDR Glue bond to automotive finishes and bare metal. These direct-to-metal PDR glues are easy-to-use and offer specialists consistency when pulling dents, using lifters, or working to pull out more significant collision damage.

Metal Medic is also the exclusive importer of Brazilian Gold, Mega Green, and Ebony Ice PDR glues directly from Brazil. Newly available in the United States, these Metal Medic collision adhesives increase pulling efficiency and provide technicians with the best PDR glue choices in the industry.


Top-Quality Reliable PDR Tool Selections Matter
Although the essential tools for anyone performing PDR are skills and experience, it certainly doesn't hurt to equip yourself with a set of proper tools. Metal Medic PDR Tools' specialized selections enable technicians to perform precision repairs while returning metal to a point before an accident occurred.

Respecting a task often means using only the best quality tools to complete the job. The best PDR kit offers numerous benefits, including strength and movement to repair dents. Quality tool choices allow you to repair defects easier and faster.

Metal Medic PDR Tools is owned and operated by Ken Garrison, a PDR tech and toolmaker, who established the company in 1989. Our team aims to bring the highest quality tools to save time and improve results.

Choosing to buy PDR tools from a reputable supplier is a personal choice. Selecting Metal Medic PDR Tools ensures you receive over-the-top quality, specialized utensils for a reasonable price with handmade products.

Contact Metal Medic PDR Tools today to learn more about how our tools can help you improve your PDR results and for additional information on our provisions.