Specific PDR Tools That Help With Hail Damage

Specific PDR Tools That Help With Hail Damage

May 7th 2024

Hailstorms can strike suddenly. They leave widespread damage in their wake. Fortunately, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can fix hail damage quickly. But you need to choose the right PDR tools for hail damage to ensure efficient repairs. Standard tools might work eventually, but Metal Medic's PDR tools make the process faster. Their tools help you target the unique sizes, shapes, and locations of hail dents to get you back on the road faster.

Must-Haves PDR Tools for Tackling Hail Dents

If you're dealing with hail damage, a few key PDR tools become indispensable. Let's break down the essentials and why they matter:

Hail Rods

Technicians use them to reach inside your car's panels and gently push hail dents outwards. For widespread hail damage, you need longer rods to reach across the roof, hood, and other large areas. Metal Medic provides various rod lengths built from strong materials. This helps the rods withstand the pressure needed for tough hail dents.

Slide Hammers

Slide hammers work with specialized tabs. Technicians attach a tab to the dented surface with glue. The slide hammer then applies strong force and pulls the dent outwards. For hail damage, a heavier slide hammer often provides the extra power you need.

Consider choosing tabs that work with the varied sizes and depths of hail dents. Metal Medic offers a range of options to ensure you can tackle any hail repair challenge.

Glues & Tabs

Glue-based dent pulling is a core part of PDR and becomes even more important for hail. Metal Medic develops glue formulations made for hail damage. This ensures you get maximum adhesion and pulling strength. The right tab is just as important. Different shapes and sizes are better for different hail dents. Tabs customize your slide hammer for different hail dents, leading to better repair results.

Advanced PDR Tools to Fix Hail Damages

While essential tools handle most hail damage, these specialized options help tackle bigger repairs or achieve a perfect finish.

Blending Hammers

These lightweight hammers have small, smooth heads. Technicians use them after the main dent removal to gently tap down any tiny bumps or unevenness left behind. They ensure a flawless final result.

Ball Tips

Imagine a metal ball on the end of a hail rod, that’s called a ball tip. They come in different sizes. Technicians use them to push out large hail dents from inside the car's panel. Metal Medic offers various ball tip sizes to match the size of the dents you're dealing with.

PDR Lighting

Regular lights might not show all the damage. Specialized PDR lights shine on dents from different angles. This reveals even the smallest imperfections, making sure technicians see and fix every single dent during repairs and final inspections.


Extensive hail damage often means using multiple tools. A well-organized storage system helps you find the right tools quickly and keeps them protected. Metal Medic offers solutions like their Octo-Tip holder, which keeps your tooltips secure, organized, and ready to use.

Find a Reliable PDR Equipment Provider

A reliable PDR equipment provider like Metal Medic can make a big difference in your results. Not all PDR tools are created equal. Metal Medic builds their tools in North America. We use high-quality materials and get input from experienced technicians during the design process. This ensures their tools are strong enough to handle the pressure hail repair demands.

Metal Medic focuses on more than just regular PDR tools. We develop new tooltips and specialized glues that fix hail dents. These tools work better to address the different shapes and sizes of hail dents. This makes repairs faster and more effective.

Finally, Metal Medic goes beyond simply selling tools. We offer resources and support for technicians of all skill levels. Whether you're new to PDR or a seasoned pro, we can help you improve your skills to achieve the best results on hail-damaged vehicles.

The right techniques matter, but so do the right tools. Metal Medic gets the challenges of hail damage. Here are some of their top tools to fight back against hail dents:

Metal Medic's Hail Damage Repair Arsenal

The right techniques matter, but so do the right tools. Metal Medic gets the challenges of hail damage. Here are some of their top tools to fight back against hail dents:

Commando Hail Rod

Hail dents can be far away. Commando extended rods help you reach across large areas. It's built strong with different tip attachments, letting you customize it to tackle the dents.

Battle Axe Hail Rod

Good for small to medium hail dents, this rod is versatile. Battle Axe tip attachments let you access dents from different angles and push them out effectively.

Green Gripper & Superhero Glue

Hail dents need extra strong glue. These glues stick tightly to metal and provide the pulling power you need.

Cold Glue Tabs & T-Bone Tabs

Tabs are like power-ups for your slide hammer. With different shapes and sizes, these tabs help you pull out different kinds of hail dents.

Blending Hammers

Sometimes after you fix the main dent, tiny bumps are left behind. Blending hammers smooth these out, making the repair perfect.

1-Inch Ball Tip

Large dents need extra force. This ball tip attaches to hail rods and lets you push with greater power from the inside of the car panel.

Octo-Tip Holder

Hailstorms can mean fixing hundreds of dents. An organized system keeps your tooltips secure, easy to find, and protected.

Arm Yourself Against Hail Damage with Metal Medic

Hailstorms can be unpredictable and damaging, but the right tools can minimize the stress. Remember, standard PDR tools might eventually get the job done, but PDR tools for hail damage will make your repairs faster. We offer North American-made tools, innovative solutions, and the support you need to achieve flawless repairs on even the toughest hail damage.

PDR, or paintless dent repair, is an environmentally-friendly, fast, minimally-intrusive vehicle dent repair process. The PDR procedure restores a vehicle’s body to a factory-like condition in a fraction of the time and most time costs less than traditional dent repair methods.

Technicians across the county safely restore vehicles back to pre-incident  without compromising the original painted finish. The best technicians invest in a high-quality PDR kit, an assortment of tools that are crucial to the success of any finish master.


Metal Medic PDR Tools—Made to Make You Better
Metal Medic Tools provides various tools, including Hail Rods, Hammers, Tips, Hero PDR Glue, and other PDR  glues. Our tools and accessories are designed to help dent technicians complete their job quickly and efficiently, with the best possible results.


PDR Hand Tools
Short-tipped PDR tools allow technicians to get close to dents and work out defects by hand. Metal Medic Tools produces short-tipped selections with sharp and blunt tips to provide technicians with one of the best PDR “tools in their toolbox.” Metal Medic tools are 100% North American-made, ensuring quality and reliability every time they are used.


Hook Tools and PDR Rods
Hook tools and PDR rods allow technicians to access dents from inside and push them out. This technique is a traditional PDR method, working best when a technician has access to the dent. Metal Medic PDR Tools produce these utensils in multiple sizes, allowing experts to reach more dents.


Metal Medic PDR Glues
Specially formulated for the collision industry, Metal Medic Hero Glue GPDR and Mega Power Green PDR Glue bond to automotive finishes and bare metal. These direct-to-metal PDR glues are easy-to-use and offer specialists consistency when pulling dents, using lifters, or working to pull out more significant collision damage.

Metal Medic is also the exclusive importer of Brazilian Gold, Mega Green, and Ebony Ice PDR glues directly from Brazil. Newly available in the United States, these Metal Medic collision adhesives increase pulling efficiency and provide technicians with the best PDR glue choices in the industry.


Top-Quality Reliable PDR Tool Selections Matter
Although the essential tools for anyone performing PDR are skills and experience, it certainly doesn't hurt to equip yourself with a set of proper tools. Metal Medic PDR Tools' specialized selections enable technicians to perform precision repairs while returning metal to a point before an accident occurred.

Respecting a task often means using only the best quality tools to complete the job. The best PDR kit offers numerous benefits, including strength and movement to repair dents. Quality tool choices allow you to repair defects easier and faster.

Metal Medic PDR Tools is owned and operated by Ken Garrison, a PDR tech and toolmaker, who established the company in 1989. Our team aims to bring the highest quality tools to save time and improve results.

Choosing to buy PDR tools from a reputable supplier is a personal choice. Selecting Metal Medic PDR Tools ensures you receive over-the-top quality, specialized utensils for a reasonable price with handmade products.

Contact Metal Medic PDR Tools today to learn more about how our tools can help you improve your PDR results and for additional information on our provisions.